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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Instill confidence among north Indian workers

Instill confidence among north Indian workers

President of Erode District Plastic Recycling Manufacturers Association Siddiq asked the Chief Minister to take steps to prevent northern state workers from leaving Tamil Nadu due to security reasons. He told newsmen here "DGP Shailendrababu has explained that the video of the attack is fake, but due to fear, many laborers from northern states have started returning to their hometowns.

There are more than one lakh laborers working in Erode district alone, and about 15,000 of them want to go to their hometowns. We are reassuring them.We have asked the SP and Collector to provide proper police protection to them. Labour Minister, BJP leader Annamalai, Tiruppur Collector and SP have already explained that they need not be afraid.

MLA has spoken

Today, education knowledge has increased in Tamil Nadu, so our youth are not coming forward to engage in manual labor jobs. The north Indians were deployed for such work. They can't stay and become capitalists forever.  But some political parties especially Seeman are spreading ideas against them for their own interest.

 In Bihar assembly an MLA has spoken about workers safety and this is increasing their fear. But today 80% of people in hard manual works are from northerb state.  If they leave, industrial growth of TN will be totally hit.  Various industries were started by taking loans which will be hit if the workers left.  The industries will be paralyzed. So, strict action should be taken against those who spread rumours, he pleaded.