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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Is 5G Spectrum Auction a mess up?

Is 5G Spectrum Auction a mess up?

In 2010, Vinod Roy, the then Chief Auditor General released a report that made a shocking revealation that the government lost a whopping  revenue of Rs 1.76 lakh crore in 2G spectrum allocation auction. Citing this, various media outlets of the country also reported the fraud of Rs 1.76 lakh crore without even knowing the basis.

Following this, A. Raja, who was then the Minister of Telecommunications, was arrested. Later, when the case was heard in the court, the court dismissed the case saying that there was no evidence of any loss of revenue due to 2G spectrum allocation despite BJP being in power at the centre at the time of this judgement.

Following this, former Chief Auditor General Vinod Roy publicly apologized for giving false information on the 2G issue.Through this, it became clear that some people planned and spread defamation on DMK.
In this situation, the Union Government recently announced the allocation of 5G spectrum. While this auction ended two days ago, only Rs. 1,50,000crores was bid. While the government expected the 5G spectrum to be auctioned for around 5,00,000crore, the auction has gone for just Rs. 1.50,000 crore, which has created a stir in politics.

However, social media followers and netizens have questioned why the media, which 14 years ago described the revenue loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore in 2G spectrum as corruption, did not say the same when the 5G spectrum auction went for a very low amount now.

The DMK internet wing has also posted about this on its Twitter page. The post says,”The year 2008 2G spectrum allocation involved Rs 1, 76,000 crore corruption said Chief Auditor GeneralVinod Roy.Rs. 4,00, 3000crore rupees were expected to be obtained from the 5G spectrum auction in 2022 under the BJP regime. 
But the bid made byAmbani, Adani and Mittal fetched only Rs. 1.50,000 crore in the auction”. Going by the same yard stick with which UPA government and the DMK were accusedthe 2022 5G auction involves Rs  2,80, 000 crore corruption. Will the BJP that falsely accused the UPA and the DMK then, answer now?

“The video came on 3G. Now with 5G any internet search will come up in a second. Based on this capacity, it should have been auctioned for Rs.5 lakh crore or Rs.6 lakh crore. But it did not fetch that much. So was it bad planning? Or did the central government collude with the four companies? This should be investigated” says A.Rasa. 

If you look at it together, it is going to collapse somewhere. It is the responsibility of the Union BJP government to clarify this.The people of the country are waiting for the correct explanation. Will the Union Government conduct an investigation?