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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Is AIADMK Avai Thalaivar’s announcement valid?

Is AIADMK Avai Thalaivar’s announcement valid?

Edappadi K Palanisamy announced yesterday that Tamilmagan Hussain will be appointed as the Presidium Chairman of the AIADMK. Hussain taking-up the responsibility in the midst of asingle leadership controversy has become a matter of debate.
C.V Shanmugam and K.P Munuswamy announced that they would ignore all the resolutions in the prevailing situation and that these resolutions would be passed along with the singleleadership resolution on another day.
The question arises whether the election of the Avai Thalaivar is an action against the court order as the court has declared that no decision other than 23 resolutions should be taken?

Since the creation of the post of Coordinator, the notice to the General Body has been issuedjointly by the Coordinator and the Co-Coordinator. But contrary to this practice the Avai Thalaivar has announced the next General Body meeting. This has kicked up a controversy.

The Avai Thalaivar only preside over the party’s meetings according to the party rule book. The valid AIADMK's internal party rules are at the Election Commission's website.
This being the case, questions are raised whether the Avai Thalivar’s announcement about the General Body meeting is valid.

In this turbulent environment, 'What happens next?' The questionhas arisen in the AIADMK circles. AIADMK has split but legal battle may continue in thecoming days.
Let the law do its duty!