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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Is Double Leaf symbol heading to a freeze ?

Is Double Leaf symbol heading to a freeze ?

Edappdi K Palanisamy (EPS) has announced that he has removed the O.Paneerselvam side (OPS side) from AIADMK and OPS has announced that he has removed the EPS side and are operating separately. 

At present AIADMK is split into four factions namely AAMK, OPS, EPS and Sasikala. 
The BJP top brass thinks that it is only because of AIADMK unity that they can get their votes in the coming LokSabha elections without getting scattered.  Eventhough  the trio agreed, EdappadiPalaniswami's side has not given a grip on the merger till now.

While the meeting of district secretaries under the leadership of EPS is going to be held on 27th, the meeting of district secretaries led by OPS has been completed. Speaking at the meeting, OPS emphatically recorded that 'Party's permanent general secretary is Jayalalithaa'. If he has the courage, let him start a separate party,' he challenged EPS. 
He stated further, “ I endured many insults for party unity. Edappadi Palaniswami will not let a movement created by volunteers do the trick,”. 

He said that all those who worked for AIADMK will work together. Meanwhile, the Election Commission has published the party's budget statement submitted by the EPS side as the Interim General Secretary.  Also, it is said that the OPS party is going to convene a general assembly and reassert that we are the real AIADMK. 

Who gets a chance in the match in Delhi will depend on the subsequent performance of both sides. Political commentators say that since they are competing and claiming rights, the double leaf can be frozen.  Even though the OPS side is hopeful of a favorable verdict in the case of the General Assembly, it is predicted that the OPS side has a plan to lash out even if the verdict is not favorable.