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Today Date : Friday, April 12, 2024

Is it fair to deceive Senior Citizens?

Is it fair to deceive Senior Citizens?

The Prime Minister Modi-led BJP government recently canceled the fare concession given to senior citizens in trains. Even though they have not given new concessions, they have taken away the fee concessions that have been given to senior citizens for ages. It is seen as a brutal move by political critics.

The Parliamentary Committee has recommended to the Union Government that fee concessions should be given to senior citizens.  The Union Government hadnot acceptedeven that. Similarly, the Parliamentary Committee recommended that the minimum pension for pensioners under the Provident Fund Scheme should be increased from Rs.1000 to Rs.3 000. 

The Union Government is dragging its heels without accepting this. It is sad that even the recommendations of the parliamentary committees are not given due respect. As many as 14.43 crore senior citizens, who were expecting to get the train fare concession again, have been disappointed and many have become depressed.At the same time, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin, in his own style (Dravidian model), is promoting another wonderful project for the senior citizens in order to give a blow to the Union government. 

The Tamil Nadu government announced free travel for women in city buses, and now the government of Tamil Nadu has laid the foundation for the scheme of free travel in city buses for all senior citizens in Chennai. 

There is no doubt that this scheme, which will be implemented in Chennai city in a couple of days, will be expanded across the state. They say that the cancellation of fare concessions for senior citizens will earn the railways thousands of crores of rupees. Although there are many ways to generate revenue, it is not clear how it is fair to deprive senior citizens of their rights. Senior citizens want justice. Don't be unfair. Canceled train fare offer should be reissued.

Will the Union Government listen?