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Today Date : Friday, July 12, 2024

Is Rahul Gandhi's Political influence rising?

Is Rahul Gandhi's Political influence rising?

In 2019, a defamation case was filed against Rahul Gandhi for his election campaign remarks. The Lok Sabha Secretariat announced on March 24 that Rahul Gandhi had been removed from the post of MP following a two-year sentence in the case. For 8 more years, he could not contest the election. Not only the alliance parties but also various political party leaders are voicing their support for Rahul Gandhi against this move.

Following the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi as an MP, the Congress has been leading nationwide protests. If a court in India gives a sentence of two years for a defamation case, it must be seen as a danger to all politicians. Political critics see this as the saddest decision in history.

We have seen actions like fines levied in defamation cases and denial of permission to speak during elections. But the court has also awarded exactly 2 years imprisonment to Rahul Gandhi while the MP can be disqualified only if he is sentenced to 2 years. Political party leaders are strongly criticizing this as an assassination of democracy.

It is obvious that many political leaders are talking low on today's political platforms.  What has the court ruled against them? There is no doubt that this verdict will definitely boost Rahul Gandhi's influence even though he lost his MP post. There was no acceptance of this verdict among the people. Bharat Jodo Yatra rejuvenated the Congress cadre and now the verdict has turned people towards Rahul Gandhi.

 As the common people approach it sympathetically, the possibility of it even turning into votes for the Congress is bright. The Congress accuses the BJP of taking such undemocratic steps because Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jado Yatra (his country wide walk) boosted his influence. Further he also raised questions about Adani in Parliament. BJP says we have no stake in the disqualification.

They replied that it was the decision of the court. No matter how Rahul Gandhi lost the post of MP, it is the opinion of the people that this situation should not have happened to the former leader of the Congress. This is seen as a victory for Rahul Gandhi. The Congress party is saying that the benefits of impeachment are more than the benefit of his Bharat Jado Yatra and this will reverberate in the 2024 parliamentary elections. Is it true that Rahul Gandhi's influence has risen and continues to rise? The upcoming 2024 election results will prove it!