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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Is this the way to Criticizeopposition parties?

Is this the way to Criticizeopposition parties?

It is clear that the 2024 parliamentary elections will be contested on the basis of ``NDA'' & ``India''. While BJP's allies have been chanting the words India, Hindustan, and Indurashtram, the opposition parties have taken the same as their weapon.

This will be an unexpected shock for the BJP and its alliance leaders because the BJP leaders are continuously criticizing the name of 'India' coalition. The height of this was the criticism that Prime Minister Modi made among the BJP MPs in the Parliament complex yesterday. ``Indian National Congress Party was started by foreigners. The British used the name India in the East India Company; Indian Mujahideen also used the word India. Prime Minister Modi has compared the ``India'' alliance with terrorist organizations saying that the Popular Front of India organization has also added the name of India.Prime Minister Modi's speech is now facing heavy criticism. 

The British East India Company plundered Indian resources and hunted Indians through military repression. It is state terrorism. Similarly, Indian Mujahideen is a religious terrorist movement that needs to be suppressed.
But Prime Minister Modi is not unaware that the 'India' coalition formed by 26 opposition parties is not like that. ``India'' is a coalition formed to carry forward the democratic struggle against the ruling government by all the main opposition parties participating in electoral politics in this country. It is a well-known fact that this alliance can face the ruling BJP at the center in the political arena and is a mega-alliance with the policy of rooting out terrorism. PM Modi also knows this.

According to political experts, Modi, who is sitting in the prime minister's post, comparing the opposition with a terrorist group that has come to loot a team that is carrying out democratic protests and a blood-drinking religious terrorist group, can destroy democratic values.

Propaganda by portraying democratic war as terrorist movements without opposing it on the battlefield is a strategy adopted by those who do not believe in democracy. Is it fair for the Prime Ministerto speak like this, who is the principal minister of a nation that builds and preserves democracy, like pouring hot water on the roots of the tree called democracy? This is the question the opposition parties are asking.
If there is no opposition, how can democracy in the country fail? What is left if there is no opposition to criticize the government's grievances? Dictatorship itself. India will never want that; will not accept it.
Prime Minister of the country, it is not good for democracy to compare opposition parties with terrorist organizations; it is not a tradition!