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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Jallikattu case:  Expectations of Tamils!

Jallikattu case: Expectations of Tamils!

Although jallikattu competitions are held in various parts of Tamil Nadu during the Pongal festival, Madurai Alanganallurjallikattu is internationally renowned. None would have forgotten the protests held by people in various parts of Tamil Nadu in 2017 demanding the removal of the ban and permission to hold jallikattu.
As Sikaram put it, the spontaneous protest of the youth at Marina Beach in Chennai attracted international attention. 

Without the leadership of any political party, this special struggle, which was organized by the public on its own, is still being proudly called the Thai revolution, the Marina revolution, and the youth revolution. 
Jallikattu competitions are now being held because of the success of those protests.In this situation, PETA an Voluntary Organization has again filed a case in Supreme Court to ban this competition, saying that the bulls are being harmed in various ways.

A five-judge constitution bench headed by Justice K.M Joseph is hearing the case. Arguments on both sides are heated. Tamil Nadu’s  AdvocateKapilSibal has been consistently presenting that jallikattu based on culture and tradition is conducted with appropriate norms. The trial continues in the Supreme Court. Tamils are hopeful that they will get permission to hold Jallikattu. Because Jallikattu is a heroic game. It is a traditional competition that inculcates heroism in the participants and the spectators.

At a young age, courage should be cultivated in the mind. Such heroic youths emerge as valiant soldiers who defend the country.  Is this possible if there is fear in the mind? Jallikatu bulls target victory. Victory is also the goal of the players who enter the field to suppress them. Therefore heroic sports like jallikattu should be encouraged to encourage Tamils to win.

Considering this, the Tamil Nadu government has issued an open invitation to Supreme Court judges to come to Tamil Nadu to witness the Jallikattu competitions to be held this year on the occasion of Pongal.
Pongal festival is approaching. The verdict will respect the sentiments of the Tamils; Jallikattu will happen. Let's wait!