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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Joe Biden warns China

Joe Biden warns China

In the event of China waging a war against Taiwan, America will send its troops to defend the latter warned President Joe Biden said while replying to media persons during the Quad Summit in Japan held recently in Japan's capital Tokyo.

The President said that in recent times China has been engaging in military actions against Taiwan with an intent to invade the country by force according to USA's observations. However, the USA has been refraining from openly guaranteeing the security of Taiwan. Although there are no pacts between the two countries USA will intervene if Taiwan is attacked by China. 

American defense is ready to fight with China. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the responsibility to protect Taiwan increased said the President.China has been claiming Taiwan to be a part of its country had been making provocative actions from time to time.

 It is against this background President Joe Biden has warned China saying America would defend Taiwan by direct military action. China is also claiming Tibet to be part of China it is eager to occupy Indian space.China must change its ways. Otherwise, it has to pay a big price said Joe Biden ringing a warning bell. China must lend its ear and listen.