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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

Kangeyam bull fair held in Erode

Kangeyam bull fair held in Erode

Kangeyam bull fair was held  at Erode AET school campus on Sunday. Inland breed Cow Protection Association President Mohan organized the fair in which more than hundred Kangeyam bulls and cows were brought by the owners.

They were categorised as- under two years old,  four years old and  above four years old and prizes worth Rs 6 lakh were given to the owners of the best cows and bulls by the association. Mohan said that Kangeyam bulls are famous in Kongu region and their breed is shrinking. 

So, we have organized the expo to protect the species and create awareness among the people about the nature of these breed. Even within the breed there are different types of cows giving milk with different nutrients.

Kangeyam cows and selected

The milk will give high immunity power to the body and it is sold for Rs 75 to 100 per liter. Foreign breeds give about ten to fifteen liters of milk daily. 

But Kangeum cows give three to five liters of milk. Maintenance cost is same for both cows. Kangeum cows are drought resistence nature.  Many people choose foreign breeds of cows that give more milk. However, by protecting the traditional Kangeum cows of our country, we can get immune and nutrition rich milk.

So, the government is also taking various measures to protect domestic cattle.During the interview, the officials of the animal husbandry department created awareness among the farmers about Kangeyam cows and selected the best cows based on which all the participants were given prizes, he added.