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Today Date : Sunday, April 14, 2024

Lankan Tamil student sets world record in yoga

Lankan Tamil student sets world record in yoga

An eleventh grader, living in the Gummidipoondi Sri Lankan Tamils camp, has set two world records in yoga.

  R.  Divyesh, 16, son of Ranjan - Jayalakshmi, was studying at Maharaja Akrasan Matriculation High School in the area and was practising yoga for six years at the Sri Sankara Yoga Training and Research Center there. 

 He set a world record by standing for 10 minutes in a yoga posture called timbasana, with a water-filled glass tumbler placed on the abdomen, with the body bent backwards and the legs held.

 His achievement was featured in the India Book of Records and the Nobel World Record.  Previously, he set Guinness World Record holder in yoga.

 Divyesh, a world record holder, and Sandhya, a yoga instructor, have been patted by the people of the area.