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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

LBP federation  warns legal action on critics at Erode

LBP federation warns legal action on critics at Erode

Kizhbavani Muraineer Pasana Vivasayigal Koottamaippu (Kizhbabani turn irrigation farmers federation) warns legal action on the rival Kizhbavani Pasana Padhukappu Iyakkam (Kizhbavani irrigation protection movement) for dubbing the federation as fake one.
The statement of federation chairman A Ramasamy, vice president K. Arumugam, secretary  R. Iswaramurthy,  treasurer A. Sengottuvelumani is: under the federation, 44 Kizhbavani  Irrigation Farmers Councils are registered and functioning properly under Tamil Nadu Government Cooperative Societies Registration Act-1975.
Only those who own land in Kizhbavani ayacut can be members of the Irrigation Councils. Separate organizational rules are formulated for each Irrigation Council and are registered.  
Each council has its own General Committee and Executive Committee. Each council is functioning with a President, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-Presidents.
Acres of irrigated land under each council is defined. (Approximately 4000 to 5000 acres area). 
The funds allocated to these Irrigation councils by the Central, State governments and land owners are jointly deposited by the president of the respective Irrigation councils and the Superintending Engineer in the Department of Agricultural Engineering.
The practice is that canal repairs should be done by the councils with the interest amount coming from the deposit fund kept as Fixed Deposit in cooperative societies or nationalized banks. 
Every year, the accounts of each council are properly maintained  and audited. The 44 councils jointly form a federation with separate rules for that federation with a management committee. 
The council members are paying an annual subscription of Rs 2 per acre to the federation for the functioning of the federation.
By this way, a yearly subscription of Rs 4 lakhs is given to the federation by 44 councils to meet the federation expenditure. 
As the federation and councils were functioning legally, the government and HC accept their pleas regarding various issues related to Kizhbavani irrigation system.
But, the Movement and some others continue to indulge in denigrating the Federation as a 'fake one' So, legal action will be taken on those who continue to spread slander and malign the Irrigation Councils and federation which are working to protect the welfare of Ayakattu farmers.