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Today Date : Wednesday, July 17, 2024

'Learn books to learn world'

'Learn books to learn world'

Padmashree prof Salomon Papaya said that one should read books to acquire knowledge and learn about the world, humanity and history. 

At  the Erode Book Festival, arranged by Makkal Sindhanai Peravai at Chikkaiya Naikkar College, Erode, he lead a pattimandram at the literary meeting on Saturday evening.  Nandha educational institutions chairman V. Shanmugan presided. Peravai president T  Stalin Gunasekaran gave the introductory speech.

The pattimandram was held on the topic of 'Art and Literature is for People's Happiness or Renaissance'. Prof. Salomon Papiyya participated as the referee. S.Raja, R.Rajkumar and K.Karunanidhi spoke in the team called "happiness". 

Professor T. Rajaram, Kavita Jawahar, Revathi Subbulakshmi spoke on the topic 'renaissance'. Salomon Papaya said ''Books should be read to acquire knowledge and learn about the world, mankind and history. A book room at home should have at least 1,000 books. The world is growing. A lot of new inventions are coming. You have to read books to know all this.

Arts are born from emotions. Knowledge paves it. Emotions and knowledge developed into arts and makes us happy. The author's works have the power to bind the reader. Such powerful works are hailed as great literature. A book festival can rejuvenate a society. He said that such festivals should be held all over the country, he stressed.