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Today Date : Monday, June 17, 2024

Let equality flourish in student's mind

Let equality flourish in student's mind

A gang of 6 members entered the house of a student named Chinnadurai studying Plus Two in a government-aided private school near Nanguneri in Tirunelveli district and attacked him with a sickle they had.

In this incident, Chinnathurai's younger sister Chandra was also killed by the gang who tried to prevent it. Subsequently, both were admitted to Nellai Government Medical College Hospital and are undergoing treatment. Their grandfather, who witnessed the incident, died of shock.
On investigation, it was revealed that Chinnadurai's fellow students were involved in the heinous act due to caste discrimination. Following this, immediate action was taken and 6 people were arrested by the police.

While this incident has created a lot of shocks in Tamil Nadu, School Education Minister Anbil Mahes released a false video condemning this incident and accepting the student's education expenses. Chief Minister M. K. Stalin strongly condemned the incident and published a post on Twitter, in which he said, "The incident in Nanguneri is shocking. It shows the extent to which the poison of caste has penetrated even among young students. To see caste differences and differences without recognizing our fellow man as equals and hating them. "The continuation of such violent displays of hatred is intolerable. Those involved in the crime have been arrested. The law will do its duty," he said.

At the same time, let us all make it our duty to inculcate social harmony in the minds of the students. I request the teaching community in particular to inculcate such virtues. No success can be achieved by those who have a hateful mind. We are all one mother people by spoken language! The Chief Minister also advised that the younger community should realize that there should be no hatred and inferiority complex among us.

Human rights organisations advise that children who engage in such violence should not be called criminals, but should be called people in conflict with the law. But these people who may be suffering from such caste disease should be given severe punishment by law in addition to counseling. If they raise the sicle with such murderous anger for telling the teacher about the abuse done to them, they will take any action. It is scary if they go to the extent of killing. The victim boy stayed at home saying he would not go to school. How much stress would he have suffered?

There should be no words and actions on the part of the criminals that make them proud because of this incident. Criminals should not be made role models of that caste. The government should take action to prevent such incidents from happening again.
Caste conflicts have been going on openly in colleges and schools for many years. It is not only teachers who can break the caste discriminations that are endemic in the society; Parents and village elders should step in and guide their children properly to maintain equality.
Let social harmony flourish in the minds of students!