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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Let not  Corona be Mixing political virus to Corona

Let not Corona be Mixing political virus to Corona

Corona virus has increased again in countries including China, Japan, and South Korea. In particular, it has been found that a new type of corona virus, Omicron PF.7, which is causing great harm in China, has also entered India. Due to this, the Union Government has again intensified the corona operations across the country.

People have been advised to wear masks and practice social distancing in crowded places. In this case, Union Health Minister MansukhMandavia held a consultation with all the state health ministers through video conference yesterday. At that time, he urged to increase monitoring and testing and to intensify measures to prevent the spread of Corona. He also asked the state governments to ensure that they are ready to face any situation.

Amidst the threat of novel coronavirus, the Union Health Department has said that the rate of corona infection in the country is declining on a weekly basis. An average of 153 people are confirmed infected daily. 8 States and 4 Union Territories have not reported a single case of infection. India has one of the lowest infection rates in the world. In the last 24 hours, 163 new corona infections have been confirmed in India. The number of infected people fell from 3,402 to 3,380.

In this situation, many quarters have raised suspicions that there is politics involved in asking Rahul Gandhi to stop the solidarity walk in view of the corona virus. Is this true?
The hands of the Union government to prevent corona are welcome - but there is no room for doubt that "politics" has entered into it. It is unnecessary to create unnecessary panic and make people anxious and confused.The main reason for that is the Union Government's Union Minister of Health and Welfare, MansukhMandaviya, has requested that Rahul Gandhi cancel his unity tour.

It is enough to just tell them to follow the Corona Prevention Protocols. Congress itself is a responsible party. Instead of that, he wants the party to stop the cross-country walk which has caused doubts. It is not right to raise the question among the political parties as to whether bribery is being turned into a political weapon and an opportunity to stifle the voice of criticism of the opposition parties.

The Congress was the first to complain. Later, the Shiv Sena party also expressed the same opinion. In any case, the corona virus should not be allowed to spread again in India. At the same time, politicking the matter is not pretty; Not acceptable. We will also start wearing face shields again. Let's try to follow social distancing. That in itself is good for us; Good for the country!