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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Let's drive away Influenza!

Let's drive away Influenza!

Influenza is spreading in Tamil Nadu. The number of people infected with this influenza (H1N1 virus) and receiving treatment is 465.81 children under 5 years of age, 62 among 5-14 years of age, 223 among 15-65 years of age and 99 of people above 65 years of age are affected, 10 of them are undergoing treatment in government hospitals, 269 people are undergoing treatment in private hospitals and 186  have been isolated in their homes.

In hospitals, 269 people are in private hospitals and 186 people are being treated in isolation at their homes.Approximately more than one quarter lakh beds are available in all hospitals to treat influenza. Similarly, Health Minister M. Subramaniam said that there are special wards in every hospital for fever.The effect of this virus is only 3 or 4 days with symptoms like headache, body ache, fever and cough. All they have to do is isolate themselves. Before doing this, consult a doctor. People infected with this virus must wear face shields.

Now that the corona virus has subsided and people are back to normal, influenza is threatening. We the ones who have defeated the deadly Corona virus.Most of us who wore face shields for Corona have avoided wearing them. Influenza sufferers are advised to wear face shields. Already the rule to wear a face mask to prevent corona has not been withdrawn. So it's not just people who have the flu who should wear a face mask. Again all will need to wear face shields.

People with influenza must wear a face mask. By doing so they protect themselves and their families and neighbors. Be socially responsible.Let's be aware. Let's beat the flu!