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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

Let's rescue the Students from mental weaknesses

Let's rescue the Students from mental weaknesses

There is an understanding in the society that it is the marks obtained in 10th and 12th class that determine the future of a student. But exam results and marks alone do not determine a student’s future.

Education has the power to overcome poverty. However, education alone does not make it possible. The greatest success in life is possible only when a person's individuality, vision, leadership, attitude and hard work are combined with education. The gap in education during COVID 19 pandemic is affecting children's learning ability. Even for this reason some may have failed or passed with low marks.

So students do not have to worry about getting low marks or failure in 10th and 12th class. Do not underestimate yourself by comparing yourself to others that others have passed and got high marks.

If a student fails no great harm will happen. Yet the suicide of 11 students who failed the exam is tragic and sad. The government should arrange self-help guidance to students of both sexes through psychologists in the classroom.

Students need to be rehabilitated from life-threatening mental illness due to failure in the exam and thinking ‘we have lost everything’. The contribution of all, including government administration, parents and teachers is important. Let's put an end to the misery of losing one's life for the trivial reason of priceless student wealth in the future!