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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Let's save the children from indiscriminate  internet use!

Let's save the children from indiscriminate internet use!

Now the use of social media has increased among children. Having unrestrained freedom they are likely to stray and get involved in dangerous acts. Age-restricted content is distracting to children. The concern regarding this is very high among the parents as it puts their future in question.
In India, there is a widespread demand that there should be an age limit for the use of social media. 
Expressing concern during a case hearing, the Karnataka High Court has raised questions such as, “What is good for children when dealing with social media?and What is bad? Do you have the maturity to see that?”
The Karnataka High Court has come up with a view that social media use should be legislated like the existing age limit law for drinking alcohol across the country.
Justice Narendra has emphatically recorded his reasoned opinion, "It is better to ban social media for children. 
Today school children are addicted to social media. Minimum user age limit should be brought. The user of social media should be at least 21 years old".
There is currently a law that requires users to submit KYC documents to access certain online games. 
Why not extend the same measures to social media access?
Considering the future of the children, the government should take such comments into consideration and if necessary even constitute an expert committee and take appropriate action.
Why hasn't the government thought of introducing an age limit for using social media yet? We need to get rid of mind-numbing things not only on social media but also on the internet.