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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Let's wait to celebrate victory of Chandrayaan 3 !

Let's wait to celebrate victory of Chandrayaan 3 !

At one time the US-Soviet space race was very intense. At the time, the Soviet Union was at the forefront of space exploration with space programs including Sputnik. The Soviet Union's Luna 2 spacecraft, which reached the Moon on September 13, 1959, was the first man-made object to reach the Moon.

To that extent the Soviets had a lead in these projects. But on the other hand, after a series of failures, NASA decided to send men directly to the moon to defeat the Soviet Union somehow. As a result, Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. With this, NASA won in lunar exploration.

But since then, NASA has been relying on Russia for space missions. Since then, Russia has not focused directly on space exploration. It is in this circumstances that Russia has been focusing on space research for the last 10 years.
That's how Russia launched Luna 25 to explore the South Pole of the Moon. This is Russia's first mission to the moon in 50 years. The Luna 25 lander lost control and fell during the ascent and deceleration on the moon. The 800 kg Luna 25 landed at the South Pole and set a record. But it has fallen down while lowering the height.

Luna 25 was rushed to the moon to make a quick landing before India's Chandrayaan 3 Vikram lander. Russia wanted the name to be the first country to touch the south side of the moon. It is because of this that Luna 25 was rushed after the launch of Chandrayaan 3. Luna 25 did not accept the command givento reduce its height. Instead, Luna 25 took the comment the wrong way and ended up on the moon.

But this is nothing to celebrate. The Luna 25 failure was not Russia's failure. It is a failure of science. Russia was the only country that once supported India's space missions. Only Russia helped India in space exploration when other countries did not provide cryogenic engine to India.
If the successful Chandrayaan 3 succeeds tomorrow, it will not be India's only victory. It will also be a triumph of science. Let's all pray for the lander's safe landing on the moon.
Let's look forward to celebrating the success of Chandrayaan 3!