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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Let’s welcome the sweet announcement for housewives

Let’s welcome the sweet announcement for housewives

The price of petrol, diesel and cooking gas cylinder in India is determined by the oil companies based on the prevailing crude oil price in the international market and the value of the Indian rupee against the dollar. The price of petrol and diesel is fixed on a daily basis and the announcement is made.
Every month, on the first day of the month, oil companies publish cooking gas cylinder prices as per the market conditions. Accordingly, in the notification issued by the central government on the 1st, it was announced that the price of a 19 kg cooking gas cylinder for commercial use will be reduced by Rs.92.50 and will be sold at Rs.1,852.50. This made the merchants happy. Meanwhile, there is no change in domestic cylinder prices. A domestic cooking gas cylinder was sold for Rs.1,118.50.
In this situation, the Union Government has now announced that the price of cooking gas cylinder used for domestic use i.e. 14 kg cylinder will be reduced by Rs.200.
Due to inflation, the cost of essential commodities has gone up and the common people have been hit hard. Due to this, the Union Government says that the LPG cylinder price has been reduced to reduce the burden on the people.

However, at the end of this year, 5 state assembly elections including Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Telangana are going to be held and next year parliamentary elections will be held in April and May. Therefore, it is predicted that the Union Government is taking the price reduction measures to attract the voters keeping the elections in mind.
Opposition leaders have criticized the Union government's announcement as election drama. ``The Union Government is trading with the public for the election. Union government is playing drama by reducing cylinder price for 5 state elections.``They have been ruining the life of the common man for nine and a half years, why didn't they remember any gift of affection?” Congress President MallikarjunaKhargeasked and severely criticized that “your sins of ten years cannot be washed away”. Mamata Banerjee has criticized that the fear created by the India alliance is the reason for the reduction in cylinder prices.]

Despite the harsh criticism from the opposition parties, the reduction in gas cylinder prices is happy news for the public, especially the housewives. There is no doubt that the reduction in gas cylinder prices will reduce the monthly expenditure of the people to some extent.
Let's go beyond the criticism and welcome the announcement of the BJP government led by Prime Minister Modi.
Let's thank Prime Minister Modi!