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Today Date : Friday, April 12, 2024

Let the secret behind Rs. 41,000 crore come to light!

Let the secret behind Rs. 41,000 crore come to light!

Once the DMK comes to power, they said that they will expose the corruption of the AIADMK. Similarly, many scandals came to light after the anti-corruption police conducted raids. As a result, cases have piled up against former AIADMK ministers.

On the AIADMK single leadership issue, party coordinators O. Panneerselvam,-Edappadi KPalaniswami are working separately. Both the parties are taking turns complaining about each other.When O. Panneerselvam's supporter J.C.D Prabhakar met the press, he said, ``If  O. Panneerselvam gives permission, I will soon reveal the secret of Rs 41,000crore rupees. At that time, many truths will come to light for the people of this country.''
Following this interview of O.Pannerselvam’s supporters have been posting on social media that, 'EdappadiPalaniswami's property is worth  Rs. 41,000 crore.

Who owns all this money and what was it used for? The public wants to know. Now Balakrishnan, the state secretary of the Communist Party of India, has raised a question about this. “This 41,000crore rupees secret must be disclosed. Who owns such a huge amount,?” he asks.

Is there any account for that amount? Income tax paid? He has repeatedly questioned that. The person making the complaint was an important person in the AIADMK. He will not say anything irresponsibly. So the people of Tamil Nadu expect the truth to emerge in this matter. The Tamil Nadu government should not let it lie and take appropriate steps to expose the secret of Rs. 41,000 crore.