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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Let there be no negligence in banning online gambling

Let there be no negligence in banning online gambling

Suicides in Tamilnadu connected with online gambling are a matter of concern. Two days ago also a youth Venkatesh from Dharmapuri lost several lakhs in online gambling and committed suicide. Including him 21 persons have taking away their lives for similar reasons in the last nine months in Tamilnadu. The women and children of the families of the victims are pushed to a helpless state.

Gambling involving money is illegal. Similar is online gambling. In playing cards people lose only little amount of money. Does anyone who loses money in playing cards commit suicide? But in online gambling besides losing lakhs of money it disrupts families. Suicides are also committed. Online gambling is emerging as a great social evil. It is feared that the current trend could lead to suicide of two persons in a month. 

Online gambling which was banned in Tamilnadu few months back is now back in full swing and is going on without any hurdles. It is not a human that plays at the other end against a human. While there will be gains in the beginning, in latter stages as addiction grows, a huge amount of money will be lost. It is to be re-called that the warning given by Dr. Ramdoss, PMK party founder.

If the situation continues, online gambling suicides will increase without doubt.  This has to be stopped. Enough of lives lost to the online gambling devil. No more loss of lives should be allowed. Hence Tamilnadu Government should immediately take steps to ban online gambiling through a special ordinance. There should be no delay in burying the heinous practice deep. Let there be no negligence.