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Today Date : Saturday, April 20, 2024

Let us adorn a new crown to mother Tamil !

Let us adorn a new crown to mother Tamil !

It is a long time demand to have regional language use in Indian courts.
Political parties have taken efforts for this in the past. Even as the demand remained in cold storage the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has  voiced the need for regional language use in court proceedings. The Supreme Court of India's Chief Justice Ramana has also said that it was high time the demand is fulfilled. Both have expressed same view while sharing a stage.

Although the state governments are sceptical over the Prime Minister's statement, especially when the Union Government is accused of forcing use of Hindi and Sanskrit on states, it is a welcome development. 
This should not stop with mere words. The great responsibility of making it a reality has fallen on the Prime Minister.

Over the last 15 years the demand to have Tamil as language of the Madras High Court  is being promoted. In 2006, the then Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi passed a resolution in the state assembly for this. Due to various reasons it has not happened till today.

However in High Courts of Madhya Pradesh and Bihar,  Hindi is the official language . What is possible in those states should also be possible in Tamilnadu. 
It is indeed a positive turn that the Prime Minister and the Supreme Court Chief Justice  have called for the need to have court proceedings in regional languages. Tamilnadu Government should make use of the opportunity.

The state government must take necessary measures to make Tamil as an official language in the Madras High Court proceedings. What could stop the effort when the green flag has been waved?
The Chief Minister M.K Stalin will over come barriers and clinch the crown for Mother Tamil. Let the golden day flower soon.