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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

Let us welcome and congratulate women priests

Let us welcome and congratulate women priests

The social justice based right of all castes to become priests has come into effect after a long struggle both socially and legally.

The Supreme Court has also confirmed that anyone who has studied Agama rules can become a priest and there is no caste bar. Following this, Kerala and Tamil Nadu also appointed people from various castes as priests.

At present, it is a great pleasure that three women who have studied Agama rules in this priestly work - Ka. Ramya, C. Krishnaveni and Na. Ranjitha - have been appointed as priests.

The action of the Tamil Nadu government is commendable by expressing appreciation to the female priests who have been appointed as priests, rejecting the traditional ideas that keep women aside and prevent them from entering the temple sanctum and are committed to upholding social justice rights!