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Liquor Enthusiasts Voice Grievance at Grama Saba Meeting

Liquor Enthusiasts Voice Grievance at Grama Saba Meeting

In the recent Grama Sabha meeting held in Yercaud village on Tuesday, alcohol lovers voiced their demand for the establishment of a TASMAC shop within the Yercaud town area. The gathering, organized in view of the 77th Independence Day, also saw attendees calling for a reduction in fines imposed by the police on those purchasing alcohol from the distant Potikadu TASMAC shop.

Led by Yercaud Panchayat President Sivasakthi Ravichandran, the special Grama Saba meeting was convened in the Longhill Pettai village area The meeting was marked by inquiries from Yercaud Union Chairman V. Rajendran about previous Grama Saba resolutions and ongoing development plans.

Local residents raised their concerns during the session, with one participant highlighting the inconvenience faced by Yercaud town residents who must travel four kilometers to the Potikadu TASMAC shop for alcohol purchases due to the lack of a nearby outlet. The absence of transportation options forces them to use two-wheelers for the journey. However, the police, stationed along this route, frequently intercept and fined these individuals on their way to the TASMAC, causing financial strain for working-class individuals unable to afford these penalties.

The attendees appealed to both the panchayat council president and government officials present, urging the establishment of a government TASMAC shop within the Yercaud town area or requesting a halt to the police department's aggressive fines enforcement along the road to Potikadu.

In response, Gunasekaran, the police official present at the meeting, justified the fines by emphasizing their role in curbing drunk driving. He clarified that penalties were assessed based on central government guidelines and were specifically applied to individuals caught driving under the influence of alcohol, rather than all TASMAC patrons. Additionally, Gunasekaran noted that TASMAC had advised customers against consuming alcohol in public spaces, encouraging them to do so within the privacy of their homes.

The discussion surrounding these issues sparked a lively debate during the meeting, underscoring the depth of concern within the Yercaud tipler community. The village's residents continued to advocate for a more convenient and reasonable access to alcoholic beverages, while also grappling with the contentious issue of fines levied against those consuming them.

This subject was followed by public members demanding measures to control cows roaming on the road. Panchayat council president Sivashakti Ravichandran addressed these demands, and recieved 72 petitions. The meeting also discussed women's entitlement, terraced gardens, and medical insurance schemes offered jointly by the state and central government. Over 200 members and political parties attended, including Yercaud Panchayat Council Vice President Balu, Deputy Regional Development Officer Venkatachalam, Village Administrative Officer Mohanraj, Electricity Department Assistant Engineer Mathesh, and District Councilor Pushpa.