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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

Livelihood of Tamils snatched away by North Indian workers

Livelihood of Tamils snatched away by North Indian workers

Tamil Nadu and the southern states like Karnataka and Andhra have been invaded like donkeys by workers from the northern states every day. From the metropolises like Chennai, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, they have penetrated to the hamlets. Whether it's a big company or a small one, they work everywhere.

Even if you take a small tea shop, except for the one in the cash counter, they are the ones who make the dishes, make the tea and wash the glasses There is no denying they are hard workers. But what happened to those of us who also  know how to work hard? They have become lazy. As a result, the people from the northern states come and do the work that we have to do. It would be good If they don't take over the cash counter also.

This trend is not good for Tamil Nadu. The workers of Tamilnadu should put aside their laziness and prepare themselves to give hard work on par with the workers of the northern states and not to say ``I will only do this work and not that work''. Some employers are willing to give preference to Tamils. Northerners are also our Indian comrades. But no matter what business you matter where you look, it will never be right that the Northerners are encroaching and the number of Tamils ​​is decreasing; This is unacceptable.
The Tamil Nadu government led by Chief Minister M.K.Stalin is committed to the principle of giving priority to Tamils ​​in government jobs and public sector organization jobs.

 At the same time, the number of informal workers is higher than the Tamils ​​from northern states.
Due to the arrival of northerners, some work is done smoothly but they also cause problems. Recently, it is known that people from northern states are more involved in criminal activities in Tamil Nadu. They carry out illegal activities like hijacking, robbery, traveling in OC trains and buying tickets for normal coach journeys and boarding AC coaches and disturbing the passengers. 

There has been an increase in the number of workers from the northern states towards the southern states, especially Tamil Nadu. In all industries, the laborers of Tamilnadu should be given priority in employment. How many people and how many families have come to Tamil Nadu from northern states should be counted. Accordingly, the Tamil Nadu government should pay full attention to restoring the livelihood of Tamil Nadu workers!