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Today Date : Monday, June 17, 2024

"Local Author Attur Sundaram's 'Yedhukarudhi Vaithen' Takes Center Stage at Salem Book Festival"

"Local Author Attur Sundaram's 'Yedhukarudhi Vaithen' Takes Center Stage at Salem Book Festival"

As Salemis abuzz with literary fervor and the Book Exhibition continues to draw massive crowds, District Collector Mr. S. Karmegam  unveiled Attur Sundaram's book "Yedhukarudhi Vaithen." 

Highlighting the festival's dedication to local literary talent, the District Collector, Mr. S. Karmegam expressed delight in featuring a book by a local author each day. On December 2, the spotlight shone on Athur Sundaram and his book "Yedhu Karudhi Vaithen." The Collector commended the book's exploration of sandron (the learned), lauding its imaginative depth and profound ideas, extending his best wishes to the author.

The festival's unique attractions, including painting galleries, award-winning books, and educational exhibits, catered to diverse audiences and adults thronging the venue, since the exhibition began. Moreover, theatrical displays and planetary theaters added an innovative touch, captivating the interest of readers across age groups, from school students to adults.

The festival's celebration of local authors and its diverse attractions have cemented its place as a cultural milestone in Salem District, fostering a love for literature and knowledge among its attendees said the collector. 

The festival's success is further evidenced by the staggering numbers of attendees. Over 100,000 school students, along with 50,000 college students and members of the general public, have flocked to the venue. The sale of books worth Rs.1.21 crore signifies the enduring thirst for knowledge among avid readers, emphasizing the importance of sustaining the tradition of reading, the collector added.