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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Lorry owners stage stir at Sathy

Lorry owners stage stir at Sathy

The High Court issued an order banning heavy vehicles movement at night on the Thimbam hill road near Sathyamangalam.  Villagers, traders, the public and lorry owners staged various protests against the order. 

 So,  a meeting was held at a private wedding hall with the participation of Sathyamangalam lorry owners, traders and political party representatives on Sunday. Sathyamangalam Lorry Owners Association President Ponnusamy presided. 

The meeting discussed the court order banning night traffic on the Dindigul-Bangalore National Highway via the Satyamangalam Tiger Reserve Road and imposing restrictions on heavy goods vehicles.  
Former CPI MLA  Sundaram attended as the special invitee.  As per the decision of the meeting, a sit-in protest was held at  Bannari check post, Sathyamangalam and lorry movement was stopped in the district on Monday. 

As a result, more than 2,000 shops across the Sathyamangalam area were also closed.   Truck owners, traders and the public involved  in a wait-and-see struggle near the Sathyamangalam check post demanding the withdrawal of the court order.  

 In this context, a consultative meeting was held in Thalavady under the chairmanship of Kannayan, the leader of the farmers' union, and Yuvabharat, the coordinator of the Thimbam Hill Track Struggle Group.  It was attended by farmers, traders and vehicle owners. 

They also staged  a sit-in protest across the Thalavady hills on Monday. On Sunday morning and evening also the lorry crews coming from Karnataka staged stir at Bannari check post demanding withdrawal of  the ban on movement of Taurus lorries.