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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Lost pride and disappearing position!

Lost pride and disappearing position!

O.P Ravindranath won the 2019 Lok Sabha election from Theni constituency. A person named Milani filed a case against the election victory of AIADMK's only Lok Sabha M.P, O.P Ravindranath. Milani's case is that Ravindranath hid the details including income in the nomination.

The Madras High Court investigated this case and decided on it recently. O. P. Ravindranath has concealed income related details in his nomination papers; Therefore, O.P Ravindranath's election victory was declared null and void. Due to this, AIADMK which has only one MP in the Lok Sabha faced a situation of loss of position arose. However, the Madras High Court gave O.P Ravindranath time till August 4 to file an appeal.

 Based on this, O.P Ravindranath filed an appeal in the Supreme Court. DMK's Thanga Tamilchelvan had also filed a petition to include himself in the case. O.P Ravindranath said that their case should be investigated as an urgent case. It is said that the Supreme Court rejected Ravindranath's appeal. As a result, O.P Ravindranath's MP position will naturally lapse after August 4 (tomorrow), according to Delhi reports.

The only MP post is going to disappear? Before that, his dignity had already gone awry. Yes; A young girl has lodged a sexual complaint against O.P Ravindranath with the DGP with evidence. On the same day that O. Panneerselvam staged a protest against Edappadi Palaniswami demanding the speeding up of the Koda Nadu murder and robbery case, a sexual complaint against his son came out and created a storm in Tamil Nadu.

This has turned the headache of O.P Ravindranath into a nightmare. This is a testament to what happens when people in public life fail to have personal discipline.
How are you going to recover?