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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

M. K. Stalin's response to  Amitshah!

M. K. Stalin's response to Amitshah!

Home Minister Amit Shah's comments on languages ​​at the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Official Languages ​​in New Delhi is a matter of close attention. Especially the Tamil language was being criticized.

Amit Shah has always projected himself as a ``popular lawyer'' advocating for Hindi. But this time he is talking as if buying trouble at a cost. He is insulting the Constitution of India that he took the oath of office. He has raised and lowered other languages ​​including Tamil. This dual role will not be played in Tamil Nadu.

There are 22 languages ​​in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India. Its title is 'Languages'. According to this, all languages ​​are national languages ​​that are spoken by the people of the country. But Amit Shah has denigrated the languages ​​of multilingual people with the phrase mere vernaculars. Did you stop with that? No. ``Hindi is accepted by all without resistance,'' he said.

Has it been said somewhere in the constitution that Hindi is the only national language?... No-. So how can it be accepted that other languages ​​are called 'local languages'? Tamils ​​will never accept that Amit Shah's speech was immediately condemned by Chief Minister M. K. Stalin on behalf of the people of Tamil Nadu.

"Home Minister Amit Shah's speech is an autocratic attempt to enslave people of all races who speak other languages ​​than Hindi. Tamil Nadu is not a puppet state to listen to this,'' our Chief Minister has responded like a blow.

Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has strongly warned us not to sow the seeds for a language war like what happened in 1965. Classical Tamil; The official language in many countries of the world; the language of the people; Is it the same for Hindi or Sanskrit? What else but imposition is saying that  Hindi and Sanskrit are required for the Constitution?
Chief Minister M. K. Stalin's warning that the language war should not break out again. Union rulers should understand this. Anyone trying to impose Hindi would not have said such things if he had studied the history of Tamil Nadu's language wars.
Let us hope that the Union rulers will not want the crusade for the imposition of that language to become a war of rights not only in Tamil Nadu but also in various non-Hindi speaking states in India.

The proverb comes to mind, 'Andy blew the idle conch and spoiled it'.
Do not play the pervert game!