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Today Date : Wednesday, July 17, 2024

M.K.Stalin's trip to Delhi!

M.K.Stalin's trip to Delhi!

Prime Minister NarendraModi and Tamilnadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin shook hands at the opening ceremony of the Chess Olympiad. The latter attended the Governor's tea party. All this was pointed out by some to show that the DMK is getting closer to the BJP. Adding to that speculation is the Chief Minister’s trip to Delhi.

The speculation was however was put an end to by M.K.Stalin, who spoke at the “Manivizha” ceremony of the Vidudhalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK) party leader Thirumavalavan.'I am going to Delhi not to raise “ palanquin (kavadi) ” or to take orders with my hands tied. There is only a relationship between the Union Government and the State Government and not between the DMK and the BJP,” clarified, the Chief Minister.

M. K. Stalin is in Delhi now and he is going to meet Prime Minister Modi this evening. The fact that he has spoken as above shows the determination of DMK in its policy. 

Policy is different, relationship between Union and State Governments is different. Like Telangana Chief Minister ChandrasekharaRao refusing to welcome the Prime Minister, it is necessary to maintain a non-confrontational relationship between the Union and State Governments. 

That is what Chief Minister M.K.Stalin is doing.'Let's give a hand to the relationship; Let's give voice to rights' is DMK's policy.

M. K. Stalin is going to urge Prime Minister Modi today to talk to the President to get approval for the NEET Exemption Bill as soon as possible. 

He insists that GST arrears should be paid immediately and that the Union government's electricity bill should not be passed. Both also discuss the development plans of Tamil Nadu.

It has been reported that M.K.Stalin is going to submit a petition to the Prime Minister with various demands including that the Union Government should approve the new projects to be implemented in Tamil Nadu.

There is a good relationship between the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister. Therefore, there is no doubt that M. K. Stalin's visit to Delhi will be a success.

May this trip help Tamil Nadu's  progress.