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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

May the flowering  season of Noyyel  blossom quickly!

May the flowering season of Noyyel blossom quickly!

More than 55 rivers flow in Tamil Nadu. Among these is Noyyal River that originates with seven streams that come together at the foothills of the Velliangiri hills in the Western Ghats range of Coimbatore and are known as KuncharanMudi. This is where Coimbatore Falls is located.
And the Noyyal River, where it descends to the plains, gets its name as Noyyal only after about twenty streams converge at Thompilipalayam. Then it passes through the towns of Perur, Coimbatore, Sulur, Tirupur, Kodumanal and goes to Karur district and joins the Cauvery at a village called Noyyal.
A type of water management scheme that uses the water of the Noyyal river, which overflows only during the rainy season, throughout the year, i.e. the method of filling the ponds through branch canals, was practiced a thousand years ago during the Cholas and later during the Pandya kings in Madurai. The later British colonial government also reorganized the water management scheme built by the Cholas and continued to use it.
But a recent study has revealed that there is a risk of disease spreading due to excessive mixing of industrial waste. As a result, environmentalists call Noyyal a dead river as it has become a river that is not useful for humans and soil. It has been a long-standing demand of the people of Coimbatore that the sewerage in this Noyyalriver should be stopped and cleaned.
EdappadiPalaniswami launched the Noyyal river widening, rehabilitation and modernization project which directly benefited 7,000 acres of agricultural land and 11,000 acres indirectly during the AIADMK rule. But the renovation works were only nominal. Not fully done.
It is in this situation that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has announced that the Noyyal river will be rejuivnated at a cost of 1,200 crore rupees. 
While the project has not been announced by the AIADMK government and the work has not started, the DMK has now announced that it will make some changes in the plans and start the renovation work. 
The Tamil Nadu government has also announced that funds will be allocated for this soon. It has been announced that this time the central government will provide 990 crores and the rest will be provided by the Tamil Nadu government.
It is good news for the people of Coimbatore that Chief Minister M. K Stalin has announced the work of rehabilitating the Noyyalriver as a whole. 
Kudos to Chief Minister M.K.Stalin for taking forward this great project.The work should be started as quickly as possible.
When this project is fully implemented, there is no doubt that the head of Coimbatore bowed down by the pollution of Noyyal River will rise.May the flowering season of Noyyal blossom quickly!