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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

May the generous helping  hand of Prime Minister Modi reach out to Chennai!

May the generous helping hand of Prime Minister Modi reach out to Chennai!

Chennai had extremely severe rain from the third to the fifth night due to the Michaung storm. As a result, rainfall accumulated in different areas. For the past three days, rescue and rehabilitation efforts have continued around the clock, under the directive of Chief Minister M.K. Stalin. Chennai has now returned to normal as a result. The Chief Minister's direct supervision is also causing the rainwater that gathered in the low-lying region to be drained. In the meantime, Prime Minister NarendraModi received a letter from Chief Minister M.K. Stalin asking for help in the amount of Rs. 5060 crores to cover the costs incurred due to the natural disaster. 
In his letter, the Chief Minister also asked the Union Government to send a team to Tamil Nadu to visit the damaged areas.
Following this letter, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh visited the flood affected areas yesterday. Later he held a consultation with Chief Minister M.K.Stalin at the Chief Secretariat, Chennai. At that time, Chief Minister reported the damage caused due to storm and submitted a request for interim financial assistance to Union Minister Rajnath Singh.
In the meanwhile, the Union Government yesterday issued Rs. 450 crore in the first phase in response to the Chief Minister's letter demanding interim assistance. Additionally, the Union Government has approved Rs 561.29 crore for a fresh Chennai flood control project.Chennai's recovery is still on-going. People are suffering in many affected areas. Additionally, rescue efforts are proceeding continuously.
On the same day that Chief Minister M. K. Stalin requested the aid, the Union Government granted his request and the first round of funding for the cyclone relief efforts. The people of Tamil Nadu humbly ask that the Union Government team visit the flood damage as soon as possible and provide the full amount that the Chief Minister had asked