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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

May the success  continue to capture the trophy

May the success continue to capture the trophy

The Australian media would criticize the Indian team cricketers for being overly interested in achievements and milestones. So much so, even Australia's Maxwell criticized the Indian players for wasting too many balls to score a century.
The extent to which the selfishness of the Indian players has changed, the success of the Indian team in the World Cup series has crossed the line to the extent that their own achievements are more important than the net run rate.
When India needed two runs to win yesterday's match, ViratKohli was on the field with 97 runs. Meanwhile, ViratKohli stood at the crease without running a single when he had a chance to win in the very first ball of the 42nd over bowled by Nasum Ahmed. After this, ViratKohli hit his 48th century by hitting a six in the 3rd ball. This led to criticism that ViratKohli was selfish to score a century.
Likewise, wicketkeeper K.L Rahul has deliberately delayed the victory by not playing aggressively after knowing that the victory was certain.
This has caused controversy. Is personal record more important than India's net run rate in World Cup? Fans questioned that.
Had this game been completed before 2 overs, India's net run rate would have been close to New Zealand's. Everyone knows how important run rate is in a long series like the World Cup. If two teams are on the same points, the semi-final chances will be decided based on net run rate. Due to this, the Indian fans who watch cricket like life are requesting that the Indian team players should give up the selfish game at least in the World Cup series.
Star player K.L Rahul has explained why ViratKohli did not score a single run in this situation. He said that when ViratKohli called for a single in the 42nd over, I said no. Even then, ViratKohli would be wrong not to take this single. He said fans will think he is playing for his own achievements. But we achieve great success. So he advised me to complete the percentage.
Amidst these controversies, ViratKohli became the fastest player to score 48 centuries in international cricket and became the fastest player to score 26,000 runs in international cricket. Let's praise him for that.
Indian team has won all four matches played. Australia and Pakistan are the strongest teams in this. But both the teams have not been in good form lately. Next India defeated Afghanistan and Bangladesh. They cannot be admitted as strong teams. It should be noted that even if India gets a positive result in these four matches, they will have to face big teams like New Zealand and South Africa.
The expectation of the fans is that the Indian players should not give room for controversies and selfishness in the upcoming matches.
May the victory of the Indian team continue till they win the trophy!