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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Mayor inaugurates e-waste collection project of Spice Round Table

Mayor inaugurates e-waste collection project of Spice Round Table

Erode Mayor Nagarathinam Subramaniam flagged off Erode Spice Round Table- 211's e-waste collection vehicle at a function held at the Corporation premises on Monday. Deputy Mayor Selvaraj, Corporation Commissioner Sivakumar, Erode Spice Round Table Chairman Dr. Sivakumar Chinnaswamy, Health Officer Dr. Prakash and many attended the function.

Then, Dr Sivakumar Chinnaswamy told reporters that unused electronic goods like cell phone, computer, tape recorder, CD etc  are dumped in public places.  It affects the environment as the chemicals and metals in it mix into the soil and spoil the soil and water resources. Therefore, in developed countries, e-waste is collected and disposed of safely. But, in our country, there is not enough awareness about this. So, a vehicle is organized on behalf of the Spice Round Table organization every Sunday. 

This vehicle will ply around the Erode City. If there is waste, the public can contact the vehicle's cell phone number 97 900 990 16. The vehicle will come to the house and carry the goods and sell it.  With the money obtained, steps will be taken to provide adequate facilities in the government schools. By mobilising fund, the Round Table movement was holding the programme nation wide for the last 11 years and this programme was called Freedom Through Education.

The Erode Spice Round Table itself was spending nearly Rs 20-25 lakh every year under the project to improve infrastructure in the government schools. He said that a project called Project Heal was launched last year to improve the infrastructure in government hospitals and primary health centers. Under the project, his round table would improve facilities in the hospitals this year, he added.