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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Medical dream ruined by NEET exam Gone!

Medical dream ruined by NEET exam Gone!

NEET is mandatory for admission to medical courses across the country. In this case, a famous English newspaper has conducted a study on the background of students who secured 50 seats in the 'NEET' examination for the year 2023. 

Details of 38 students including school, education board, training received for 'NEET' examination have been collected. Out of those 38 students 29 have passed CBSE. Those who have studied in the state syllabus; 5 studied in Andhra State syllabus, 3 in Maratha State syllabus and 2 in West Bengal State syllabus. Similarly, out of 38 persons whose details were collected, 29 were upper caste students belonging to general category. Only 7 belong to Backward Classes and 2 from Scheduled Castes. 37 out of 38 meritorious students have received special coaching for 'NEET' examination. Only one had not taken special coaching but the student had studied in a reputed public school in Delhi.

All of them belonged to economically strong families from urban areas, the study revealed. Hence it has been established that the NEET examination is an opportunity only for students from urban areas and families who are wealthy enough to spend lakhs of rupees to study in private coaching centers. Those educated in government schools are left far behind.

And it has been proved once again that the dream of medicine for rural and poor students is very difficult and medical education has become very difficult for poor students. In this situation, the draft law seeking exemption of Tamil Nadu from 'NEET' in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly is sleeping in the President's 

House awaiting approval besides the time wasted waiting for the Governor's action.
This is not a political issue but a social issue related to the livelihood of poor students. This study makes it clear that this is the time to root out the central government's mayajal campaign against NEET. What is the central government's response to this?

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin is working on saying that he will abolish the NEET exam. It is high time that other political parties, social activists and the general public, who are voicing for social justice, should unite strongly and carry out a great struggle.At least the central government should come forward to exempt Tamil Nadu from the NEET exam, which is the voice of the whole of India. It is known that the central government will not listen to this, but in a democratic country, we have to fight for our rights?So, the death knell must be struck for the 'NEET' examination to save the medical dream of the oppressed people from being crushed. The English newspaper study tells the bitter but real news!