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Mega NCC Camp held at Nehru College

Mega NCC Camp held at Nehru College

CATC –I of 2 TN Air Sqn NCC was held from 28 May to 06 June 2022. under the leadership of WgCdr S Nitin, CO 2 TN Air Sqn NCC, supported by ANO K Arun of Nehru College of Aeronautical College and Applied Sciences along with Warrant Officer Suresh Kumar Adjt 2 TN Air NCC and ANO of Stanes School  Jacob.The camp had a total of 440 Cadets of 13 colleges and held at Nehru College of Arts and Science.

The list of participating institutions were: 2 TN Air NCC,PSG CAS, Govt Arts College, SNMV College, Nehru C A & Applied science, Hindustan CET, Hindustan Institute of Tech, Bannari Amman Inst Of Tech, Dr.Mahalingam CET, Hindusthan CAS, KPR Institute, 5 TN Air NCC  Air KKC Velur , PGP Arts, PSG Tech and the  JD/JW  institutions were Dr Dasarathan Int School, SSVM School, KV School, Geedee Public School, Sri JayendaraSaraswathi, Nirmala Matha CMHSS,  Anugraha Mandir School, BVM Global and Stanes School (ICSE) Stanes HSS.In the valedictory, Dr Anirudhan, Prinicipal of Nehru Arts and Science College was the Chief Guest and Prof Singhara Vadivelu Principal of Nehru College of Aeronautics and Applied Sciences was the Guest of Honor. Prizes were awarded to Best in Drill- SD F/C Vignesh M of KPRIET and SW-F/C P  Karthikayani  of  PSG CAS.Best in Firing SD F/C Vishal S PSG CAS, SW F/C S Varshini GAC Best in Academics SD F/C Akilesh S of KPRIET and the SW -F/C 
Iabella S of KPRIET and the most coveted award was– Best Cadet SD was F/C Harshith Babu of HICET / Best Cadet SW- F/C Isabella S of KPRIET. 

In Juniors the prize winners included First in Cross Country JD F/C Jerold Stanes HSS, First in Cross Country JD-F/C Pradakshina Dr. Dasarathan School.Best Cadet JD F/C S Ritish SSVM JW- F/C Shauna Collet Stanes AI HSS .