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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Meghadatu:  Karnataka government stirring  garbage!

Meghadatu: Karnataka government stirring garbage!

The Karnataka government is trying to build a dam across Cauvery at Meghadatu. The Tamil Nadu government is strongly opposing the move as the water coming to Tamil Nadu will be affected. Even though the politicians of Karnataka are saying that they will finish building the Meghadatu dam, the Tamil Nadu government is firmly saying that they will not allow it in any way.

Meanwhile, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister and Irrigation Minister D.K Sivakumar is said to have met Union Water Resources Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat in Delhi and urged him to give approval to the Meghadatu dam construction project. He has also given a letter to the Water Resources Minister. In the letter, it is reported that the government should hold talks with the Tamil Nadu government, which is protesting against the Karnataka government's irrigation projects, and the central government should abandon its attempt to set up a new tribunal for the river water sharing issue.

The Supreme Court has entrusted the Cauvery Management Board with the responsibility of handling the Cauvery river water issue. It has been declared that the case is over and this is the decision. It is wrong and reprehensible according to law that D.K Sivakumar is speaking  without considering this.
A board has been set up in the Supreme Court to look into this matter. Pointing this out, Tamil Nadu will not give permission to build Meghadatu Dam in Karnataka under any reason. Tamil Nadu Irrigation Minister Duraimurugan has categorically stated that it is not possible even according to law. Karnataka is trying to create fresh confusion on issues settled by the courts. The arbitrariness of the Karnataka government against the people of Tamilnadu can never be accepted.

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D.K.Sivakumar on the Meghadatu Dam issue should approach the law without stirring the garbage again. There is a risk of a conflict and a crack in the relationship between the two states if they talk about overturning the earlier decisions.
The Union Government should condemn the course of the Karnataka Government in the Meghadatu Dam issue and give the advice!