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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Michaung Cyclone:  Rescue and Relief

Michaung Cyclone: Rescue and Relief

Chennai has totally reshaped due to this Michaung storm. Thousands of cars and bikes that were submerged and sustained damage. Floodwater indiscriminately filled factories, stores, and offices. Chennai has transformed into a veritable island in a single day yesterday.
The impoverished people's slums had worse conditions than the slums with concrete homes. Numerous huts, particularly those near the banks of the Koovam river, were submerged. Their means of subsistence are now in doubt. Rain water floods the low-lying areas of Chennai usuallay. However, this time the upland areas were also affected by the rainwater. As a result, there was a need to look for safe locations.It was standing in this water, regardless of the torrential rains, that the Tamil Nadu government undertook intensive work. 
In the midst of torrential rains with fallen trees on one side and strong winds on the other side, the Tamil Nadu government's rescue efforts are commendable. Although the relief work has slowed down due to incessant rains, the Tamil Nadu government has been engaged in field work since the day before yesterday. Chennai is also recovering.
Chief Minister M.K.Stalin was in constant communication with the district collector, the district police and other important officials from time to time. He got into the field himself and made the ministers and officials work with lightning speed.
It is commendable how all of the Tamil Nadu government's departments collaborated during a time of war to deal with the heavy rains, just as they did 47 years ago. One should respect the truth even in the face of accusations from the opposition party. 
Chennai is being overrun by natural disasters because it is unable to withstand the annual monsoon and storm seasons. Therefore, it is essential to investigate possible technological innovations to ensure that water doesn't stand still during storms. The people expect the government of Tamil Nadu to consider this and see if there is anything more that can be done!