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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Ministers study Memorial Projects for Tirupur Kumaran and Pollan

Ministers study Memorial Projects for Tirupur Kumaran and Pollan

Housing Minister Su Muthusamy and Information Minister M. P. Saminathan and Collector H Krishnaunni inspected various sites of Chennimalai to construct  a memorial hall for freedom fighters Tirupur Kumaran and also another one for Pollan at Nallamangapalayam or Jayarampuram in Modakurichi block. 

 They told the reporters that, since 2017, Kumaran birthday has been celebrated annually on October 4 by the government. He participated in the freedom struggle held in 1932 in Tirupur and laid down his life for the nation.

The main road of Sampath Nagar was renamed as 'Tyagi Kumaran Road, Sampath Nagar'. Similarly, Maveeran Pollan knew in advance the battle tactics of the British army and the date of the start of the war and sent secret information to Theeran Chinnamalai. 

He was killed by the British at Nallamangapalayam next to Arachalur. A survey was carried out regarding construction of memorial halls with the statues of the martyrs.  

After getting a map regarding site selection, CM's approval will be received by the concerned department to build the halls, they added.