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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

MLA studies pollution problem of Sengulam pond

MLA studies pollution problem of Sengulam pond

Water of Sengulam pond near Perundurai  discolored due to effluents discharged from private iron and steel plant in Perundurai along with rain water recently. Perundurai MLA S Jayakumar inspected the 4.5 acre tank which is the base for improving ground water sources in Periya Vettuvapalayam, Chinnavettuvalayam, Engur, Ezhuthingalpatti, Vettukatuvalasu, Kadappamadai, Kasipillampalayam, Senkulam, Kutthampalayam, Kuttapalayam,  Kumarapalayam, Odaikatur, Balikatur, Chedangatur, Kampliyambatti, and Varapalayam.

MLA inspected

There is a private iron plant on the road from Engur to Sipkot . During the last few days of rains, the waste  produced during the smelting of iron using chemicals like perix peroxide and chloroxide etc and stored in this plant, was washed away with rain water. Due to this, the water in the pond in Senkulam area turned red and the water in the pond filled up and entered the agricultural areas through the water channel of the pond. The pollution control board officials took quick action to seal the company when the public complained about it.  In this situation, the MLA inspected the affected pond in person. He asked the pollution control board officials to clean the pond water by removing chemicals in it.