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Today Date : Tuesday, April 23, 2024

MNPs seek Permanent Jobs with time scale

MNPs seek Permanent Jobs with time scale

Makkal Nala Paniyalargal association staged a demonstration at the Collectorate seeking  permanent jobs  as per the Supreme Court order.  Heading the stir, the union functionaries Deivasegamani, Parameswaran and Saravanan said the then CM Karunanidhi appointed 13500 MNPs in 1989. But the successive AIADMK rule dismissed them and DMK again appointed them in 1996. But AIADMK dismissed them in 
2001 and DMK again appointed them in 2006. In 2011, AIADMK removed them. This was condemned by the Supreme Court. 

 The High Court and SC have again ordered to fill up permanent vacancies in government on the basis their education. But, the previous AIADMK rule obtained stay.  Now  the court again ordered jobs for them with pay and perquisites on par with other staff. But, now,  the government issued order to appoint them as coordinators of MGNREGS scheme with Rs 7500 consolidated pay . 

The 100-day program already has work inspectors.  Even if something goes wrong, we can not point it to anyone.  After the  death of many workers,  now, 11,500 MNPs langish without jobs all over  the state.  During the last DMK regime, 20% of MNPs  were given promotions. 

Accordingly, 760 MNPs were working as office assistants and night watchmen at a pay of Rs 36000. 
DMK MP Wilson alone fought for them in SC and the CM promised to give permanent jobs in his election campaign. So,  we appealed to the CM to give us permanent jobs with regular time scale.