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Today Date : Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Modi's visit to european countries

Modi's visit to european countries

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi left New Delhi Sunday night on a special flight to European countries on a three days visit.
According to official sources the Prime Minister landed in Germany today morning where he was given a welcome guard of honour by the country's armed forces. He will also visit Denmark and France. 
He will meet German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in capital Berlin and will later take part in the sixth consultative meeting between Germany and India. According to official sources the visit would strengthen the economic relations between the two countries. 

Following his German visit the Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet Mette Frederiksen the Prime Minister of Denmark at Copen Hagen, the Capital on May 3 & 4, 2022 on her invitation. He will attend the Nordic countries' summit. Later he will visit France and meet the reelected president Immanuel Macron. 

India and France have friendly relations for the past 75 years. It is expected that the heads of the two governments would aim to strengthen cooperation between the two countries, according to official sources.
Sources informed that Prime Minister 
Narendra Modi would spend a total of 65 hours in the three countries. 

He will take part in 25 events including meetings with heads of the governments, dialogues and talks. He will hold dialogues with 50 international business leaders and will also meet with non-resident Indians, according to a release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
This is the first overseas travel of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this year.