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Today Date : Friday, April 12, 2024

Monitoring Committee  inspects seed production field

Monitoring Committee inspects seed production field

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and Agricultural Research Institutes identify and release high yielding crop varieties every year. So, seed farms are set up and expert seed is produced. 

The state government supplies the seeds to the seed farms for propagation and to the farmers for cultivation. An expert seed production monitoring committee has been set up to ensure that the seed farms established in this way strictly adhere to the field inspection standards and produce quality seeds. 

A. Marimuthu and V. Radha inspected the field

In the current season, a seed farm has been set up at Bhavanisagar Agricultural Research Station for rice - Co 51 variety and the seed crop is in flowering season. 
Dr. Sakthivel, Professor and Director of Bhavanisagar Agricultural Research Institute, Prof.s Uttarasu, Amuda, and Assistant Director of Erode Seed Certification S. Mohanasundaram and seed certification officers A. Marimuthu and V. Radha inspected the field. 

During the study, the planting method of the seed crop, other species in the seed crop, crop separation distance, identified diseases etc. were also studied. The field workers were advised to follow all necessary procedures to produce quality seeds.