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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

NASA-ISRO take steps to produce most advanced Satellite: K. Sivan

NASA-ISRO take steps to produce most advanced Satellite: K. Sivan

Former ISRO chief K. Sivan presented scientist GD Naidu Award with Rs 1 lakh cash prize to Hyderabad Central University Assistant Professor  M. Muthamizharasan for his innovation at the Erode Book Festival on Monday.

In his speech, he said King Thippu Sultan innovated rocket technology and Chinese innovated gun powder used as fuel in the rocket. 

Though we are pioneer in rocket technology, British developed it for destructive purpose to attack others and sold the same technology at high cost  which could not be affordable by us.

So, our scientist Vikram Sarabai developed our own technology to send rockets and satellites into space to help people various ways including weather prediction, fishing activity, IT field etc.

 Now, satellites helped our fishermen to find huge quantity of fish in sea gaining Rs 4000 cr every day. In those days, cyclones kill over 20000 at a time. 

Now, the accurate predictions through satellites, many were evacuated and life loss was prevented. It alone helped our people to enjoy TV, internet, banking service etc. During Kargil war, the US refused to give GPS technology.

 So,  we developed our own technology. The PM insisted development of such indigenous tecnology without depending others who refuse to help us in need. 

GD Naidu also innovated many things by promoting indigenous technology. But, we tell Edison's innovations to our students not GD Naidu's because Edison was a foreigner and Naidu was an Indian. 

We shed such inferiorty complex. Now, NASA-ISRO join hands to produce a most advanced satellite, costing $2b, to assess each centimeter of earth. It would help every change in earth including earthquake for the benefit of entire world.

He studied in Tamil medium in school and planned to become teacher and then bank officer and studied BSc according to his father's wish. Later, he joined MIT and IISc.

 He was rejected by an officer in an interview in ISRO. Later, he became chairman of ISRO and the same officer worked under him. He was posted in GSLV project after many failed in that project. But, he got success. So, even if students were forced to study some thing against their wish, you can get success if you work hard in that field. 

You should ready to take risk, work hard to achieve the target and not bother about failures. Now, all courses are good as lot of opportunities exist to come up in any field.

 Due to IT, students know more about their career. So, the parents can allow them to chose their career according to their wish. His 23 year old son chose animation according to his wish and now he earned more than him in cine field. 

All along his career, he owned a house by getting bank loan and Marathi 800 and a 2 wheeler. But his son is rich and has modern car. So, as said by PM, youths should become job providers and not job seekers. 

Now, many schemes like Stand up, Start up etc are available to become industrialists like Ambani. If you work in a firm, you can't become rich. In those days, there was no major higher education institution in India so many went to abroad. But, now, nation has many best institutions. So, there is no need to go abroad to study MS.

The students who get help from the nation to come up in life should contribute to nation's growth instead of serving abroad. He himself rejected a big offer from abroad though the then Narasimha Rao government allowed him to go, he recalled.