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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

Navaratri celebrations are not complete without ‘Bommai Kolu’

Navaratri celebrations are not complete without ‘Bommai Kolu’

The crafts council of Tamil Nadu has attempted to bring back the subtlety of colors and beautiful craftsmanship of the yesteryears by working with doll making clusters in the district. These dolls along with dolls from various parts of the country would be exhibited and on sale in view of Navaratri celebrations.

These master craftsmen painstakingly work for 365 days to keep the tradition of Navaratri alive for nine days. With the number of families following the tradition reduces every year, many craft clusters are seeing the end of their work.

Celebrating life and revering the divine in every being and creation, in the form of these dolls; inanimate yet so full of life, with their expressions and vibrant colors is what the 'Bommai kolu' is all about.