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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

NCBH releases 10 new books

NCBH releases 10 new books

Erode CN College principal Dr S Manoharan released 10 new Tamil books, published by New 
Century Book House (NCBH) at Erode Book Festival on Friday.

 He lauded the NCBH for publishing only good quality books after ascertaining the facts in it. 
In his speech, the Peravai president lawyer T Stalin Gunasekaran recalled that a few years back the NCBH released 125 books. 

Perhaps, it could be an highest number of books released by a publishing firm. All of them were new books only and not reprinted one. For this year's book festival, the NCBH planned to release 25 books.

 But, it released 15 books at Tirupur and 10 at Erode book festival. He appealed to public to maintain a book shelf in all houses to make our posterity a knowlegeable one. 

He also appealed to the school and college teachers to introduce good books to students and promote reading habit among them to help them become good citizens of the country.

 NCBH general manager T Rathnasababathy, Managing Director Shanmugamsaravanan, regional manager R Rangarajan, various college professors Dr.s P Kamalakannan, I Selvam, G Sakthivel, J Sumathi,  A Gurusamy, A Gurumurthy, and Sengunthar school librarian  G Natarajan spoke.