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Today Date : Saturday, June 22, 2024

NEET: Parental preference and Governor Ravi's stubbornness

NEET: Parental preference and Governor Ravi's stubbornness

Ever since the union government declared NEET mandatory for medical courses, poor students from rural areas have been struggling with their dreams of medical studies shattered. Many students have committed suicide in recent years as their dream was not fulfilled by NEET despite being qualified to study medicine.

Even when Tamil Nadu protested against the NEET exam, the Union government continued to conduct the exam. Not only in Tamilnadu but also in various states the mood against NEET exam is increasing now. When the DMK government took charge in Tamil Nadu, a bill exempting Tamil Nadu from NEET was passed in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly and sent to the Governor. The governor sent it to the President without any other option.

In this situation, Governor R.N Ravi called around 100 students who scored more than 600 out of 720 marks in the NEET Junior Examination at the Governor's House of Tamil Nadu. In this meeting, on behalf of the parents, Ammasiyappan from Salem is insisting on behalf of the students in Tamil Nadu to be exempted from the NEET examination. So he asked the governor when he will give exemption from NEET exam.

When the Governor was shocked by this, the people there immediately threatened Ammasiyappan to sit down and snatched the microphone from him. While speaking, the governor said that he will never sign the NEET exemption bill. The parents argued with the Governor and there was tension.
According to the constitution, the Governor has only the power to sign the bill passed by the legislature and send it to the president. Various parties such as DMK, Madhyamik, Communists and Viduthalai Chiruthaigal have been insisting that Governor R.N Ravi's speech in violation of the Constitution is condemnable and that Governor R.N Ravi should be expelled immediately.

Not only that... Governor R.N Ravi's tendency to disrupt the state government's activities and people's work is not liked not only by the parents but also by the entire people of Tamil Nadu. Are they going to leave if they don't want to take NEET exam ? They only trust Tamilnadu students & Tamilnadu government!