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New software to be introduced to  improve Registrar office services, middle men presence

New software to be introduced to improve Registrar office services, middle men presence

STAR 3.0 will be introduced soon to improve the services of the Registrar in the interest of the public said Mr.P Moorthy, Minister for Commercial Tax and Registration/
At a zonal level Registration Department review held on Thursday (21.06.2023) at the Salem District Collectorate Mr.Murthy said, the Star 3:0 software will help speed up the registration process so that even some of the delays faced at present will not occur in the coming days.
Speaking about the steps taken to prevent the presence of middle men and corruption the Minister said,  monitoring activities are being carried out in the Registrar  Offices operating under the Government of Tamil Nadu. 
Circulars are being sent based on which the concerned Deputy Registrars and District Registrars are monitoring the movement and presence of document writers and middlemen during surprise inspections. 
No document writers are allowed to use public seating areas in sub-registrar offices. 
Condition (J) of a notary license granted under Rule 9 and 13 (a) of the Tamil Nadu Document Writers  Licensing Rules provides that a  shall not enter the office unless invited by the Registrar for the purposes of the office.
If the activities of the document writers and intermediaries in the offices of the Sub-Registrar are found in violation of the rules, appropriate action will be taken against those concerned under Rule 16 of the Notaries Licensing Rules, 1982 and circulars. 
Violators will have their license revoked and strict disciplinary action will be taken against sub-registrars who fail to monitor the same.
Property buyers or sellers should not bring cash when registering. Accordingly, document clerks and intermediaries are not allowed. Surveys are being carried out in the registration department in all the districts in Tamil Nadu. 

In the last year 2021, the revenue of bond registration was Rs.10,000/- crore. Revenue has increased to Rs.17,354/- crore this year based on the various reforms carried out in the deed registration department for the benefit of the public after taking charge of the government under the leadership of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu M.K Stalin, he said.

In this meeting, Commercial Tax and Registration Department Government Secretary Mrs. Jyoti Nirmalaswami, Salem District Collector Mr. S. Karmegam, Head of Registration Department Mr. Dinesh Ponraj Oliver, Mr. S Prabhakar, Deputy Registrar, Salem Zone, District Registrars Manivannan, Santhanam, Kavita, Varamati, Kanagaraj, Sivalingam, Sathyamurthy and Salem, Namakkal, Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri sub-registrars were present.