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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

No more jail term for  Iranian heroine

No more jail term for Iranian heroine

The Nobel Prize is awarded to people who excel in various fields in the world. Nobel Prize has already been announced for some fields including medicine.
It is in this context that the Nobel Peace Prize has now been announced. Iran's Nargiz Mohammadi has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. It is noteworthy that Nargiz Mohammadi is fighting against the oppression of women in Iran. Nargiz Mohammadi, an imprisoned Iranian woman, has been awarded the Nobel Prize for her struggle against the oppression of women in Iran and for promoting human rights and freedom for all.
The Iranian government has arrested her 13 times. Convicted five times.
She was sentenced to 31 years in prison and 154 lashes. Nargis Mohammadi is still in jail.
Born in Zanjan, Iran, Mohammadi graduated from Imam Khomeini International University with a degree in physics. After completing her studies, he worked as an engineer. However, she continued to write about women's rights in several newspapers.
She has been continuously campaigning for women's rights and equality for all.
She was arrested for the first time in 2011. After serving two years in jail, Mohammadi was granted bail in 2013.
After that she intensified her protests against the death penalty. She was arrested again in 2015. Her prison term was extended. Even in jail, she never stopped voicing for peace and equality.
Last year, when a woman named Mahsa Amini was killed by Iran's cultural police over a burqa issue, Mohammadi protested in prison. Due to this, the restrictions on her in the prison were intensified. They took steps to cut off her contact with the outside world.
Despite such restrictions, the Nobel Prize has been awarded to Nargiz Mohammadi, who continues to speak out against the oppression of women in Iran.
It is welcome that Nobel Prize has been given to Nargis Mohammadi who is in jail and fought for women's rights even though she was a woman. With the Nobel Prize, there is no doubt that the world will support her continued struggle. Should the woman who is the pride of Iran still be in jail?